The Madeleines du Voyage

Their name 'Madeleines' first evokes a sense of infinite sweetness, a childhood memory, pure and delicate emotions.

Reshaped into gems, the Madeleines du Voyage by Au Fond du Jardin will take you on a journey to another universe of unique places that are filled with intense emotions. When you try them, you’ll first be dazzled by their beauty and captivated by their magic. You’ll be surprised by each of the flavours as they melt into their own deliciousness.

During this exquisite moment, time will be suspended, you will experience a unique sensation and you’ll never forget the Madeleines du Voyage.




White praline, orchid, nougat and a Blue Curacao glaze



Fresh pistachio, candied lemons, sweet spices and cinnamon


Dentelles et boudoir

Small sweet words and alcove secrets are the feeling invoked by... Heather, powdery violet and orange blossom


Caramel beurre salé

The spirit of Cancale and Saint Malo are felt in the double Breton caramel, salted butter caramel chips



A fresh hit of lime with exotic notes and vanilla shortbread


Citron mimosa

Take a floral ride from Nice to Menton with the flavours of floral mimosa and lemon



Imagine a polished antique hardwood floor as citrus and honey dance on the senses


Maître Parfumeur

Tribute to the great family of French perfume, silks powdered this medieval knight... taste this through powdered amber, tonka bean and violet

Sherlock Holmes

Toasted hazelnut, coffee from Ethiopia and Baileys


At the heart of Provence, the subtlety of lavender flavoured honey and fresh lavender

Little Paradise

Ocean breeze and exotic flavours, with an icy mint peak


All the style and elegance of a first lady, hints of honey snow, vanilla and amaretto

La Vie Est Belle

Tribute to Frank Capra, a festive Christmas atmosphere, citrus and toasted spices

Autumn Leaves

Maple, chestnut & apricot jam, and sweet spices

Roses Dragées

Crunchy gourmet almonds and vanilla roses

Miss Lemon

Jasmine flavour with a touch of lemon

Iris Mauve

Tribute to Claude Debussy, hints of iris, with mauve and violet


Irish ambience, Irish coffee, caramelized red fruit notes, oats and icing with a Guinness twist


Secret rooms of treasures filled with ancient books, an alchemy of old flavours...myrtle, sandalwood and tonka bean

Les Baux

When the lord of Baux reigned atop the hills of Provence...Olive oil, basil and vanilla bourbon

Scarabée Rouge

Feeling of Victorian London, dark chocolate and cherry almond tips


Sichuan pepper, blueberries, chocolate and crystallized roses

Fleur d'Oranger

Orange blossom powdered cocoa and biscuit


Double black chocolate, black powder, and biscuit pearls. The 2009 Presidential Madeleine

Citron Pavot

Double lemon sensation and fresh zest


A bird’s eye view of Japanese springtime. Yuzu, grapefruit, flowers of cherry & orchids

Gold Shadow

This is a marble and caramel duo. Dark & white chocolate, dulce de leche

Griotte Vanille

Caramelized vanilla and hazelnut on a bed of Morello


Marilyn ... Sensual, gourmet notes centered on red berries, violet, and rose. Topped with a sugar crown diamond

Bel Ami

Night sand illuminated by the light of the moon. Hints of Normandy rose and vanilla powder, with a touch of green tea 

Jour de fête

Homage to Jacques Tati for his exuberant variety of poetic flavours. Marshmallow , orange blossom and rose pralines


Inspired by the Viennese musicians, here is a light and romantic madeleine of pink champagne and cedar

Fruits Rouges Épices

Notes of toasted almonds, citrus, pepper and cinnamon

Chocolat Pralin

Praline, black tea biscuit and crunchy hazelnuts


A tribute to Audrey Hepburn and all Parisian women in their 50s. Hint of Earl Grey, dark chocolate and citrus


White praline, orchid, nougat and a Blue Curacao glaze

Les Noces Impériales

Royal hints of crystallized lilac and caramel flavors


Inspired by the English countryside. Pralines with a vanilla bourbon glaze and nut flavours

Lilas Lavande

Inspired by the gardens of Provence, fresh lavender and lilacs

Jardin à Marrakech

Inspired by the gorgeous gardens of Morocco. Fresh mint, rose, and orange blossom

Prince William

A marriage, an inspiration, a creation… British hints of Earl Grey and lilacs, with a caramel sword and hints of Anise